Why  Good News ?

In today's world, the majority of press circles make a living divulging the negative while the positive aspects of the news are held at bay in the distance. The result is a trend toward negativism in society.

Although we realize that not all news is good, if we expose the good news about people and things around the world, we will have a positive attitude. Instead of stressing crisis, we will be more optimistic and be able to have faith in the future.

Who are we and where do we come from?

Good News  arises from the Humanist Movement.       This Movement tries to establish scopes for social and personal change and to build a true  society step by step. We currently have projects in many countries, and we truly believe       in the possibility of building a better world in the ear future.

The basis for the movement is the idea that human beings should hold society as the central value in life, as opposed to money, prestige or power.

The Humanist Movement also develops activities in the fields of health, education, economy, politics, art and cultural exchange.

What is our aim?

Our goal is to become an important International Press Agency with a positive impact on local and regional neighborhoods, as well as on international information networks. To do this, we need to build an army of volunteers spread out throughout the world to search, send and divulge good news. Our emphasis is to bring to the forefront a positive outlook. To spread news in contrast to the manner in which information is being disseminated by other massive communication networks. Our purpose is to emphasize the positive aspects that facilitate progress for humanity.

If we succeed in accomplishing our goal in the near future by spreading good news everywhere, we will have made our contribution toward a different society--the kind of society that is already an aspiration and hope in the hearts of people around the world.

And, what happens to us as individuals?

Working for Good News  represents a chance to       develop a new habit: the habit of looking at the positive things that happen in the world,       to the people around us and to ourselves.

Curiously, when someone assumes this attitude, the negative can be easily overcome. Obviously, we cannot ignore the negative events that take place around the world, but that doesn't mean that we must dwell on it or that the positive does not exist.

These days, more than ever, we must be conscious of the fact that there are millions of human beings fighting just "to keep going". We must not forget that there are people trying their best to do the right thing and who strive together to go forth in the world. We cannot deny the fact that there are many human beings who believe in a chance for a better world and who manifest their belief with their actions. We believe that is the true nature of human beings. We consider this good news.

Basically, your decision to participate in the work of   Good News  is a step toward personal development. This collaboration will give each       of us a chance to view our lives, other people and the world from a different, more       positive perspective.

What is good news?

First of all, good news depends on who receives it. For a military person, a bombing may be good news; for a pacifist, it is not. For a neo-liberal, privatization is good news; for a public worker or a pensioner, it is not. In short, if good news depends on who receives it, then what is good news? To our agency, good news is the reporting of events in which humanity benefits socially, scientifically or culturally. That is why we are a Humanist Press Agency.

For example: someone asked us about Pinochet's case. Our answer was: this is a step forth for humanity. This case represents progress for international law. It is good news that a man who led the murder of thousands of people with impunity can be prosecuted no matter where he is.


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