African News Bulletin
Bulletin d'Information Africaine


The  "African News Service"  publishes the fortnightly:
ANB-BIA   African News Bulletin-Bulletin d'Information Africaine
- which AIMS to help in following and understanding events as they unfold in Africa
- and is especially FOR those in Media work
having a particular interest in today's Africa


African News Bulletin - Bulletin d'Information Africaine
is a fortnightly publication (22 issues each year)

Its 32 pages are made up of three sections:

         1 - A    Press Review
              of the best articles we have been able to find
              in the English/French language Press,
              providing a background to current events in Africa

         2 - Four pages of    Brief News 
                The   Press Review  and  the  Brief News ,
               (both published in English and French, depending on their original language,
                 like the  Weekly News  )   aims to:

  • a. for everybody: 

  • Provide a background 
    for understanding events 
    in today's Africa. 
    The articles are chosen 
    with this in mind.
    • b. for African journalists:

    • Provide information 
      to thosewho frequently 
      can only get  hold of 
      "official information".

             3 - a   Supplement
                   of articles written for ANB-BIA by African journalists;

    There is no charge made for translating, reprinting and 
    publishing articles published in the Supplement  
    (With the usual acknowledgement of author and source).  
    This section is published in either French or English, 
    depending on the reader's choice. 
    The Supplement gives African journalists the opportunity to write 
    about their own continent, with all its successes and all itsproblems. 
    This is an important aspect of ANB-BIA.

             4 - Sometime, ANB-BIA also publishes short  Dossiers
                  concerning particular countries or situations.

    The Dossiers  can likewise be 
    translated, reprinted and republished 

            5. - Once a year, a Special Issue
                  devoted to a particular theme,
                  written by African journalists from their own country

    In 1999, 
    the theme chosen is: 
    Africa Faced with the AIDS
    In 1998 
    the theme chosen was: 
              Africa - The Judiciary 

            6. - Twice a year, ANB-BIA publishes a  Chronology

    The main events, listed country by country, 
    as they have unfolded during 
    the previous six months


    African News Bulletin (ANB-BIA)
    is not for sale on newsstands or in newsagents.
    It can only be received by postal Subscription.


    Subscription price (for 22 issues)

    a) In Africa: 50 $US; 45 Euros; 295 FF; 1,800 BFR; 90,000 Lit.
    b) Countries outside Africa: 64 $US; 55 Euros; 360 FF; 2,200 BFR; 110,000 Lit.
    c) Sponsorship: 100 $US; 87 Euros; 570 FF; 3,500 BFR; 170,000 Lit.


    Subscriptions must be sent to:
    ANB-BIA, 184 Avenue CharlesWoeste, 1090 Brussels, BELGIUM

    Bank Account Nr: BBL 310-0778942-21
    Giro (CCP) in Belgium: 000-1328335-17
    Giro (CCP) in France: LA SOURCE 3 819 40 T

    Also, subscriptions can be paid directly through the:
    MISSIONARIES OF AFRICA in your own country, 
    indicating your address and
    that it is for a subscription for ANB-BIA.
    In the United Kingdom, send to: The Provincial Treasurer,
    Missionaries of Africa, 42 Stormont Road, LONDON N6 4NP
    Bank Account: 07338414 - Nat. Westminster Bank Ltd
    361 Kensington High Street - London  W14  8QY
    In the United States, payment can be made by check or money order (drawn on a US bank in US$) 
    and made payable to "Missionaries of Africa". 
    Send it to: The Treasurer, Missionaries of Africa, P.O. Box 53352, Washington, DC 20009-9352
    Don't forget your address and mention "subscription for ANB-BIA"
    In Spain payment can be made through:
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