Programma del World Forum on Communication Rights

8 novembre 2005

World Forum on Communication Rights

Civil Society Moving Forward: Where to Next?
Friday 18th, 13:00 - 17:00. Hannibal Hall, KRAM.

The CRIS Campaign in collaboration with others is hosting the final major civil society gathering of the WSIS, on Friday afternoon. The event will be part reflection, part projection, part celebration - all are cordially invited to participate. The Hannibal hall has a capacity of 400, so plenty of room for all.

The afternoon will be in three sessions

A: Civil Society post WSIS (13:00 - 15:30)
A diverse set of civil society actors (groups, networks, activists) will share views on the future, pointing to new issues and opportunities for collaboration.
- A Roadmap to Future Arenas (neo-WSIS and beyond)
- Priorities for action and collaboration, as seen by some leading civil society actors.
- Comments, debate, ideas to move forward, from everyone...

B: Civil Society Documented: Launching a Flotilla (15:30 - 16:15)
The WSIS has provoked, even goaded, the launch of a great number of civil society productions. This joint event will profile the final and most exciting batch of videos, books, handbooks, CDs, software - hopefully most of them available free (or least how to get them!).

C. A Civil Society Celebration (16:15 - 17:00...)
Special Presentation: The week in Tunis caught on camera! Music, Videos, and lots more.

Put the date in your diary, and look out for updates and announcements in the coming days.