What is it about?

Proorities, goals and objectives of the overall project
What is it about?

The goal of this Project is to promote understanding of communication rights and to reform governance in relation to them, especially (but not only) governance of media and communication. The context is a rapidly changing and globalising media and communication environment, with governance structures from national to transnational levels unable able to keep pace.
The Project develops toolkits and concrete supports for civil society to respond to such change, in a national context but also in the context of an emerging global civil society.

The project does not, and cannot, begin with a single clear governance issue for reform. Rather it identifies a coherent domain for governance (communication rights), puts in place a process to select from the ground-up key issues emerging and a menu of possible solutions; launches concrete collaborative activities to address these, alongside a coherent advocacy programme from national to global level; and mainstreams these into the CRIS Campaign.

The first phase of the research has consisted in the identification of the situation of communication rights in differt contexts (at national and regional level), according to the 4 pillars (cathegories) listed below.